IP Access Control

With the integration of a surveillance camera system, you will have remote access to view and respond to events triggered by door alarms or security breaches.

IP Access Control Systems work together with IP Video Surveillance Systems to deliver complete physical security solutions that work with your existing data infrastructure. These systems are highly scalable, easy to deploy and manage across multiple locations, and provide you with the granular control that is necessary to secure even the most sensitive areas.

IP Access Control Systems give you enterprise – wide visibality with unlimited growth potential.

Central Management

Centrally manage and monitor thousands of peripheral devices (electronic door locks, keypads, badge readers, etc.) across your data network. In an IP – based access control system periphial devices act the same as any other network device and can be deployed anywhere across your local area network (LAN). You can now manage Access Control across muliti-site enterprises, college campuses, branch offices, etc., from one centralized location.

Video Surveillance Integration

IP Access Control Systems integrate with IP Video Surveillance systems to give you a birds eye view of who’s attempting to gain access, where, and in real time. By combining critical information from both systems you gain visual confirmation that the person attempting entrance is, in fact, who they are claiming to be.

Design and Deployment

IP Access Control Systems work well as stand alone solutions; however the greatest benefits are realized when incorporated with IP Video Surveillance Systems. Is your organization ready for IP Access Control? Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Today