Network Cabling

RapidBTS offer a variety of infrastructure solution services including voice and data cabling, fiber optic cabling, data center cabling and more.

Network cables are used to connect and transfer data and information between computers, routers, switches and storage area networks . These cables are essentially the carrier or media through which data flows.

There are different types of communications cables, and the appropriate type to use will depend on the structure and topology of the overall architecture of the system. The most commonly used types of communications cables are dominated by what is referred to as “twisted pair cable”. In local area networks; typically office environments, retail and commmercial sites, copper commincations cabling, i.e.,twisted pair cable is by far the most commonly used type of cable.

Twisted pair cable is used in many ethernet networks. Comprising of four pairs of thin wires or conductors, these ‘wires’ or conductors, are contained inside of the insulation or outer sheath of the cable. Each pair is twisted into several additional twists. These twists are designed to prevent interference from other devices and indeed from other adjacent cables!

Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre optic cabling is specified where high bandwidths may be needed; especially in the data centre environment and where an installation demands high capacity, typically a hospital, airports, banks….However, Fibre optic cabling is fast becoming the medium of choice for any installation that is sending high volumes of data!

Of course, there are other types of cables, i.e., coaxial cable, multipair cable and of course, other types of media such as wireless, otherwise known as wifi.


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