Video Surveillance

IP video surveillance has become the preferred solution for new surveillance installations as well as upgrades to legacy CCTV systems.

Build a safe work environment at your building with the right video surveillance systems and accessories. Shop for a digital video cameras to guard your facility and select from dome or covert cameras to fit your specific security needs. Stabilize and protect your closed circuit tb systems (CCTV systems) from the elements with accessories such as wall brackets and camera housings. Then choose a video monitor that fits your security needs. Put safety first with the right video surveillance systems.

IP Physical Security

The decision to move to IP Video Surveillance is Clear. Literally. IP Video Surveillance Systems deliver powerful high definition video with greater clarity than traditional analog closed circuit television (CCTV) systems and offer robust applications to proactively monitor multiple locations. These benefits translate to systems that are future proof, providing a lower total cost of ownership, easier implementation, integration, maintenance and troubleshooting capabilities.

Better Picture Quality

Megapixel IP cameras capture a wider field of view than analog cameras and deliver crystal clear HD images that preserve even the smallest details, which means fewer cameras and increased surveillance coverage. Digital zoom allows you to maintain a wide frame for total coverage and gives you the ability to drill down to specific points of interest to obtain granular details.

Remote Access

Digital video files can be monitored from multiple locations and analyzed in real time. Access live and recorded video feeds from anywhere on the network or across the web with secure digital encryption. Seamlessly share live feeds with 3rd party security firms and centrally manage video storage in the cloud.

Converged Networks

Unlike analog cameras that require dedicated coaxial cables, IP cameras connect to standard data networks, allowing for multiple cameras to run over the same network. In a converged network, IP video surveillance cameras connect to your existing local area network (LAN) as another network device. Benefits of converged networks include reduced costs, greater flexibility and easier management. You can easily and quickly deploy cameras anywhere your current LAN reaches and avoid costly infrastructure expenses.

Video Analytics

Powerful digital video analytics tools turn your surveillance system into a proactive watchdog. Traditional analog CCTV systems provide a recording of historical events which are captured on a DVR and can be analyzed after events have occurred. With powerful analytics software running across you IP security system you can program alerts and react to events in real-time. Set triggers to notify specific personnel or departments to potential threats, optimize check out lines, monitor parking lots and crowds, the sky is the limit.

Compatibility & Scalability

Grow your security system from 1 camera to 1,000 by simply adding an IP camera anywhere on your network. IP surveillance systems are compatible with USB, HD CCTV, and IP cameras. Open standards – based IP video systems allow for interoperability with leading manufacturers’ products, ensuring that your investment is protected.

Design & Deployment

To properly design and deploy your IP video surveillance system across a dedicated or converged LAN it’s critical that you have a comprehensive understanding of IP Networking. In other words, security issues now become IT issues. Frontrunner Network Systems has extensive experience designing, installing and maintaining mission critical data networks and the IP camera security systems that they support.